Snare. The world standard for effectively gathering and filtering IT-event data for critical security monitoring, analysis, auditing and archiving.

Strategic Issues

Maximizing IT security has many dimensions. None the least that which considers things from a
strategic viewpoint. And one that consequently places pivotal emphasis on potent risk minimization. For instance, there are many pertinent things that can be associated with addressing an IT-security

As recent research from our valued partner company, Solutionary – the leading pure-play managed
security services provider – has found:

  • It can cost as much as US$6,500 per hour for organizations to recover from DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks.
  • Organizations can spend over US$3,000 per day, for up to 30 days, to recover from malware (malicious or malevolent software) attacks.
  • 54% of malware samples analyzed are undetected by popular anti-virus applications.
  • More than 40% of all exploit kits now target Java.

Added to these facts, of course, is the effect that cyber attacks can have on day-to-day business, in
the case of a commercial enterprise, where the impact can include the:

  • Loss of substantial immediate and long term sales.
  • Temporary cessation of essential client services.
  • Damage to brand credibility and reputation.
  • Theft of corporate IP.
  • Illegal access to regulated, confidential or sensitive information.
  • And so on.

Needless to say, a similar inventory of problems can be sited for government, statutory and public
sector agency bodies. And where the results can be even more far reaching.

In defining its strategic direction for IT-security, astute organizations will also need to address:

  • Their own internal operational audit requirements.
  • Full conformity to one or several regulatory demands/standards that can be geographic or industry specific.
  • The often exacting requirements of clients, customers or supervisory agencies.
  • Shareholder or other stakeholder concerns.
  • The fact that a lot of commonly implemented security tools are seriously outdated.
  • A danger that too often procedures are reactive rather than preventative.

Against such an apparently challenging background, it is valuable to note that meeting your IT-
security demands – including the strategic ones – can be readily, simply and economically achieved.

For example, by deploying the world standard Snare software solution that meticulously gathers and
filters IT-event data for critical security monitoring, analysis, auditing and archiving.

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