Snare. The world standard for effectively gathering and filtering IT-event data for critical security monitoring, analysis, auditing and archiving.

Our Partners

Throughout the world, we work with a number of managed security service providers (MSSP), many of who are specialist in a particular sector (such as defense and security) or in a field of particular endeavor (such as payment card transactions) or who provide potential overall computer security services. Like us, they are well qualified to advise on specific data security and IT event management issues.


Intersect Alliance has partnered with companies to provide the Snare Server to customers worldwide such as SecureWorks, Oakton, Snare Alliance, Solutionary, Nova Coast and Giza Systems.

The Snare Service includes the Snare Server software, priority support for Snare Agent and Snare Server software components, operating system and application support for the Snare host system, and for customers worldwide, annual dedicated support resources to be used at the discretion of the customer. The Snare Server can also be purchased as a product without the discretionary support days.

The provision of the Snare Server as part of a service arrangement brings several key advantages over traditional 'boxed' software:

  • The software is optimized according to an organization's key security objectives.
  • Upfront costs are significantly lower than commercial packages of equivalent functionality.
  • Organizational implementation risks are much lower with dedicated, expert resources available from the supporting agency available to ensure that the deployment, and ongoing function, is a success.

Our partners have undertaken extensive Snare Server training, and run the software internally. Please see Snare Server for further information.

If you are interested in engaging with the team at InterSect Alliance, as a reseller, a distributor or as part of a technology alliance, please fill out the form below for more information.

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