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How do I license a Snare Agent individually?

If the Snare Agent Manager is not being used to license all your version 5+ Snare Agents, then you will have to license each agent individually. To do this you will need access to: The customer portal,SLDM at the Snare Agent web interface e.g. http://localhost:6161 or https://localhost:6161 SLDM provides the means to create licenses […]

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How do I get my license file for my Snare Server?

The Snare Server is controlled by a license key. Once you have downloaded and installed your Snare Server please point your browser at your newly installed system. The first page that appears will quote up to three ‘Host Ids’ and ask you to upload a Snare Server license file. Please send all of these HostID’s […]

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How do I find my Snare Server’s Host IDs?

When requesting a permanent license for your Snare Server you are required to send us your Host IDs. To perform this task: Start the Snare Server. Navigate to Status | Snare Health Checker. Navigate to the Snare Server License subheading and click License Page. This will display your Host IDs. Click on the Host IDs […]

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