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How can I remove “agents that cannot be contacted”?

When agents are decommissioned, the agents are still reported as non-contactable in the Agent Management Console (AMC). The reason for this is that the Snare Server keeps the old meta data associated with the old connection. These agents will roll off the Snare Server after 3 months. To remove the agent manually, you must remove […]

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Agent Management Console – Common Issues

The Snare Agent Management Console (AMC) is a subset of the Snare Server.  The AMC allows configuration of large numbers of agents. The common issues around AMC are: Firewall ports not allowing inbound connections to 6161 or 6161 or 6163 for SQL Needing to set master agent server with the configuration you want to push to […]

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What is the maximum number of agents you are able to have in the AMC?

There is no technical user maximum you may have in the Agent Management Console. There is a logical maximum of 16 million i.e. A 10.x.x.x range.  However there are some performance based maximums.  It is best to limit an objective to 5-10 class C network ranges as it's too time consuming to scan large networks when there are […]

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What is the Agent Management Console?

The Agent Management Console (AMC) is a tool introduced within version 6.1 of the Snare Server that enables remote management of Snare Agents through the Snare Server interface. The AMC allows for multiple configuration sets (objectives) so it is easy to manage different sets of Snare Enterprise Agents through the same interface.  There is no […]

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