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SIEM Software

SIEM Software

While Snare is a powerful standalone SIEM, it is the perfect compliment to any 3rd party SIEM. From logging, to forensics and analytics, Snare is utilized worldwide for a reason.

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Log Monitoring

Log Monitoring

Log monitoring is the bread and butter of Snare. Logging software you can count on, Snare's logging solution reduces your typical collection noise to save your organization money.

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Compliance can be a tedious headache, but it doesn't have to be. Snare has set out to make your life easier not only with the product itself but our in-house expertise.

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Maximizing the security of your computer network can be as challenging as it is essential.

You likely need to:

  • Provide potent protection to address attacks on your systems and data, whether these be of a malicious, fraudulent or vandalistic nature. Or where the perpetrator’s aim is crime, breaching security, operational disruption, cyber terrorism or sheer mindedness.
  • Meet your organization’s own audit requirements for data protection.
  • Comply with the external demands of others such as stakeholders, shareholders, supervising government entities, customers or even suppliers.
  • Conform to one or several security standards such as those specified in: PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, NISPOM, California SB, US Patriot Act, ISM, GLBA, DCID, DIAM, DDS, Danish Standard DS-484, ISO27001/2, Massachusetts 201 CMR to name but the most common.

All of which are major issues that are fully addressed by the Snare Enterprise product suite.

In short, Snare is the world standard for effectively gathering and filtering IT-event data for critical security monitoring, analysis, auditing and archiving. It does what you need and delivers what you want.

A whole lot of data you don’t need to analyze?

Every operating system, router and hardware platform will generate event logs for you. These can present many thousands of transactions a second which means there is simply no way in which information can be effectively monitored.

What's needed is a real time solution that automatically isolates the few key events that you need to know about (which you have specifically defined), when you need to know them, so that you receive instant advice about useful or critical matters that are no longer buried in a mountain of unimportance. That’s the role of Snare.

Security software places too high a demand on IT resources?

On a day-to-day operational basis, fully addressing your IT network security needs can place a large overhead on bandwidth, host processing capacity and memory. So the dilemma then becomes one of contrasting the vital security benefits with the resources these demand. So much of this, as you would appreciate, comes down to effective security system design.

Snare has been meticulously crafted to use less than 5% of the host CPU and less than 20MB of RAM. Its methodology also minimizes required bandwidth to a more than acceptable level.

The cost of collecting & retaining data is exorbitant?

Addressing IT security can begin to substantially add to your basic systems costs. That is, if the presented solution is overly demanding on your computer resources.

What’s more, using certain software security solutions can itself make major demands on budgets. Demands that include the cost to license, install, maintain, run and retain data. So that while the initial purchase price may be acceptable, ongoing charges for such things as the applications index can become extreme. With Snare that’s not the case.

Yes? Then Snare is your solution.

To find out more and ensure your organization is protected, let's talk.

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Snare Enterprise Agents

Snare agents operate on host devices and isolates, at source, all IT network security events you have defined to be of security relevance. These are then sent to a Snare Server, a 3rd party Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) or a Syslog server for further action. And may we just stress that point that Snare agents can readily work with most existing security agent software.

Snare Server

The Snare Server gives your system administrator all the tools needed to define, gather, index, track, report on and store all relevant IT network security events input from Snare Enterprise agents. It can receive log data directly from Windows and Linux/UNIX/OSX operating systems and epilog files, routers, switches, firewalls, authentication servers as well as other syslog sources.

Our Customers

Our Snare customers now have over half a billion server agent solutions deployed internationally and that number is fast growing. It is also important to note that these users include large, medium and small organizations alike. In all instances, the common link being their demand for maximum, effective and practical IT security which clearly has nothing to do with size.

Our Partners

Throughout the world, we work with leading business partners, many of who are specialist in a particular sector (such as defense and security) or in a field of particular endeavor (such as payment card transactions) or who provide potential overall computer security services. Like us, they are well qualified to advise on specific IT network security and IT event management issues.

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