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IAI is very proud to announce that Solutionary has selected Snare as their technology partner for the ActiveGUARD managed service platform.
InterSect Alliance International

As some are already aware, InterSect Alliance was recently purchased by Prophecy International, and is now InterSect Alliance International Pty Ltd. More good news to come.
The Snare Server is capable of receiving logs from CyberGuard Firewalls (generally the WELF file format) via the syslog protocol.

The Snare Server can filter on a wide variety of fields within the CyberGuard source data, including:
  • Date/Time
  • Source Address
  • Destination Address
  • Destination Port
  • Packet ReturnCode (success/failure/information)
  • Source Firewall
  • Action (accept / drop)
  • Source Interface
  • Source Port
  • Protocol

Snare can provide drill-down access to the raw log data, via overview components such as a '15 minute pattern map', and horizontal bar graphs by source/destination/destination port.

Aug 3 02:30:11 auditlogd: Activity: deny 2004/08/03 02:30:10: D dec2 lo0 17 137 137
Snare Server
With its' origins in open source software, the Snare Server from InterSect Alliance provides a central collection, analysis, reporting and archival tool for a very wide variety of log formats.

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Snare Demonstration

Snare Introduction

Snare Agents

Snare Server
Click on a video above, to find out more about Snare and to access the Snare Demonstration Server
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